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Alice Kituuka Head of East Africa Regional Office

Alice has extensive experience in Monitoring & Evaluation, project management, communications and stakeholder management, capacity building and grant management. She is driven by a strong desire to improve the lives of the men, women and children living in poverty and has a unique blend of experience that cuts across the private sector, NGO, UN and National Government organisations.

Prior to joining Delta Partnership, she was the Deputy Chief of Party with the Civil Society Fund, a funding mechanism set up to improve and strengthen civil society organisations to which multiple funders contributed. In this role she led the development of the financial monitoring framework, manual and tools for over 200 Civil Society Organisations and was also responsible for capacity building and development of the M&E performance indicators for program reporting.

She has also worked with the Government of Uganda and in Sudan with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) as a Registration Coordinator in Darfur region (North Sudan) and a Tracking and Monitoring coordinator in South Sudan. As a central information hub for the UN team, her task demanded accuracy in collecting and analysing the information and speed in sharing this information to provide meaningful support to the target beneficiaries.

Alice has an Honours degree in Statistics and Applied Economics, is a qualified accountant and holds an MBA from Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute.