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+387 6246 9029

Ana Guber Senior Consultant - Private Sector Development

Ana specialises in international economic and private sector development especially in post-conflict environments. Her seven years' of experience includes working on EU funded projects, for the UN and as a civil servant with the UK MOD. Her expertise encompasses international project management, conflict resolution, peace-building and international security and Ana is currently completing postgraduate studies in International Business Administration at the School of Oriental and African Studies, UK. She has worked across Europe, in a number of roles, and is currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), where her activities include:

  • International private sector and economic development consultancy, including provision of expertise on the following EU funded projects including
    • Western Balkans Investment Framework - Infrastructure Projects Facility 1
    • EU Support to Establishment and Strengthening of Business Infrastructure to Improve SME Competitiveness
    • EU Regional and Local and SME Development in BIH
  • Management and development of project applications and bids for international development projects in socio-economic and technical sectors
  • Initiation and management of networking with international and local consultancies and regional WYG offices
  • Negotiation of consortia with international and local partners
  • Communications and personal relations, including development of promotional and marketing materials and events.