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Andrew Fotherby Director – Management Services

Andrew is a project manager who specialises in managing major infrastructure projects and programmes. He is our Regional Director for Management Services in Scotland, north east of England and the midlands. He is also the UK defence sector lead and key client manager for Defence Infrastructure Organisation, the UK Ministry of Defence’s estate management arm. 

His recent work includes:

  • Army Basing Programme - £1.8bn programme to implement the Army 2020 Plan providing accommodation and infrastructure for the return of troops to the UK from Germany and the restructure of the Army in the UK
  • Road Rail Transfer Point, Defence Munitions Glen Douglas – new rail depot and supporting infrastructure
  • Reserve Forces and Cadets Association – capacity studies of the Reserve Forces estate to accommodate organisational changes and estate rationalisation
  • RAF Cottesmore – feasibility study and master planning for a £300m site redevelopment
  • Department of Defence, Libya – capacity building assessment for the new government department.

He is also the UK defence sector lead. Key projects include:

  • Security and Intruder Detection Surveillance Systems - £26m renewal at HMNB Clyde
  • Project Borona, Stafford – £150m full barracks redevelopment
  • RAF Lossiemouth, HV infrastructure replacement project
  • Next Generation Estates Contracts – procurement and cost management support in the replacement of DIO facilities management contracts
  • Defence Infrastructure Programme – technical support to the Programme Management Office
  • RAF Lossiemouth – replacing the air traffic control tower at the UK’s busiest fast jet airbase.