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Dave Manning Director

Dave is an Employers Agent and Project Manager with 39 years experience in the quantity surveying profession. In that time, he has worked on a wide variety of successful projects within the construction industry generally and across multiple projects, industries and sectors.

He joined WYG in 1991 and now provides pre-contract Project Management services with an Employers Agent skill set for post-contract delivery. He also manages internal and external QS resources, as required by the stakeholder, and has undertaken project monitoring roles for external funds and insurance valuations for retail property portfolios. Dave has considerable expertise in preferred bidder and open market competitive procurement and management, in addition to value engineering and risk management. As a skilled negotiator, he is a valuable contributor in dispute resolution and contract claims resolution and has strong technical, communication and stakeholder management skills.

Dave has an ability to engage and motivate individuals on all levels to achieve strategic objectives. He leads a team of Project Managers & Quantity Surveyors in our London office, working alongside other capabilities to provide CDM advice, Principal Designer, Town & Country Planning, Highways Planning, Building Infrastructure and Environmental design services to a wide range of Clients.

Dave has worked mainly in the commercial, retail, aviation, Leisure and Residential sectors since joining WYG and has knowledge of UK, European and Middle East procurement.