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Image of Deniz Demircioğlu


+90 312 219 77 55

Deniz Demircioğlu Director - Socio-Economic Consultancy

Deniz is a senior consultant with 26 years’ experience in Turkey, Cyprus, the CIS region and the Balkans. A member of the Turkish/EU Chamber of City Planners, she currently directs WYG Turkey’s socio-economic services.

She works across our social and international development activities, providing management consultancy and capacity building for various clients, and helping manage and co-ordinate the tender process for large, multi-disciplinary, donor-funded projects. She has thorough knowledge of both local and international procurement rules and legislation, and has provided technical support in institutional capacity building, grant management and infrastructure development.

Her recent EU-funded projects include: 

  • Sector Program in Northern Cyprus
  • Regional environment network for accession
  • Strengthening the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) and the National Qualifications System (NQS) in Turkey
  • Promoting Registered Employment           
  • Promoting Women’s Employment
  • Ordu and Kumbasi Waste Water Treatment Plants.