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Image of Hossein Beheshty


+44 (0)161 874 8712

Hossein Beheshty Director, Head of Building Services Engineering, UK


Hossein is a highly skilled professional with over 28 years experience in engineering consultancy. He has extensive project management and design experience including client representation, fee bid preparation, design development, site supervision, commissioning and handover of multi-disciplinary projects.

He currently leads our Building Services teams in Belfast, Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham with responsibility for setting strategic direction and overseeing operational aspects. In addition to a focus on maintaining quality and client satisfaction, Hossein provides staff training and mentoring and organises resource planning and utilisation.

Specific duties and skills include:

  • Preparation of fee bids
  • Improving delivery of multi disciplinary projects
  • Financial Management
  • Workload Forecast
  • Resource planning
  • Provision of technical guidance and direction
  • Reviewing designs to ensure quality of delivery