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Kathleen Latimer Associate Director - Monitoring and Evaluation

Kathleen has over 10 year’s monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) experience. Working in both academic institutions and private consultancy practice, she has delivered evaluation services extensively to UK Government departments (Departments for International Development; Education; and Communities), the Scottish Government, regional/national economic development agencies, the NHS and third sector.

She is experienced in designing mixed qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies, undertaking evaluations in fragile and conflict-affected environments, managing and working as part of dispersed, multi-disciplinary teams. With a focus participation, Kathleen is experienced in engaging a range of stakeholders – including donors, implementing partners, policy makers, state and non-state actors, academics, the private sector and communities (including marginalised groups).

She played a central role in our recent evaluations of Results Based Aid in Rwandan Education and the Future Agricultures Consortium (both on behalf of DFID) and is currently providing management and technical inputs to DFID MEL assignments in Nigeria (Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme), Zambia (Zambia Accountability Programme) and the DRC (MEL Support Unit to the International Stabilisation and Security Support Strategy).

In her position as our technical MEL lead, Kathleen fulfils a dual training/ mentoring and technical delivery role. She provides quality assurance to project teams and ‘trouble-shooting’ when technical challenges arise.