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+44 (0)161 874 8782

Paul Shuker Director - Planning

Paul is a highly experienced Chartered Town Planner who has significant experience of leading and managing multidisciplinary teams to deliver complex development projects for both public and private clients ensuring the delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions.

He has extensive planning experience with regard to the management of strategic land holdings including medium and large scale development projects with the aim of navigating clients through the planning system to obtain favourable development (planning) consents.

His recent projects include:

  • Stafford Riverside & Kingsmead development sites (UK)
  • Wadi Al Asla masterplan (Saudi Arabia)
  • Liverpool Waters (UK)
  • Qatar National Masterplan  (QNMP) (Qatar)
  • Dubai Waterfront (Madinet Al Arab)  (UAE)
  • Chester Theatre (RE:NEW) (UK)
  • Wisbech Stadium Redevelopment (UK).