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Colin Shields Head of Transport Planning - Midlands

Colin is a Director responsible for managing a team of 30 transport planners and engineers within the Leicester and Birmingham offices.  Colin is a Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist and a Member of Institution of Civil Engineers with over 28 years’ experience in transport planning, transport strategy and infrastructure design.  Colin has been involved with worldwide transport planning, master planning and consultation on major mixed-use developments as part of large multi discipline teams.  Colin has extensive experience relating to design, assessment and implementation of various public transport, highway, junction improvement and interchange schemes.   Examples of projects that Colin has led on include:

  • Transport input to major regeneration projects including £6 billion Wirral Waters regeneration project in Birkenhead and several major housing projects (1500-4500 units) across the UK.
  • Various international public transport and Intelligent Transport Strategy projects including in Kenya, Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, Bulgaria and Tajikistan.
  • UK Public transport scheme design and business cases including Bolton-Salford public transport corridor and new rail stations in Guildford, Corby and at East Midlands Parkway.
  • UK Major Highway scheme design and appraisal including £168m A453 Widening Scheme in Nottingham.
  • Development of various transport strategy projects including Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) urban transport in Islamic megacities study, development of Derby City Council 2040 long term transport strategy and various Oxfordshire transport strategies in Bicester, Banbury and Witney.