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+90 (530) 547 81 41

Deniz Demircioğlu Director of Socio Economic Consultancy

Deniz joined WYG Turkey in 2008 and was appointed to Director of Socio-Economic Consultancy in 2012. She holds a bachelor degree in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Dokuz Eylül in İzmir, Turkey and a Masters degree from London School of Economics, London, UK.

She has over 30 years of experience within public services and multi-disciplinary consultancies focusing specifically on socio-economic and technical consultancy services.

Deniz has significant experience in leading multidisciplinary teams to implement large and complex technical assistance projects and programmes financed by international donors such as the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), and the World Bank (WB). The scope of those projects and programmes are mainly related to human resources development, social inclusion and integration, migration, education, employment, labour market development, social and cultural dialogue,, public health, regional competitiveness, reorganisation and restructuring of public administrations and SMEs, institutional capacity building, acquis alignment, public finance management, economic development, public infrastructure development, scholarship management, grant implementation and monitoring, social, communication and awareness raising, environmental investment planning, agricultural and rural development, urban and regional planning,  and strategic management and planning.

Throughout her 30 years of professional working experience in socio-economic development and infrastructure formation to public and private institutions she has led strategic/large scale Projects in Turkey, northern part of Cyprus, Middle East Countries, North Africa and various other Western Balkans and ENPI countries.