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JC Townend Managing Director, Consultancy Services

JC Townend has more than 25 years of international experience in growing and leading consulting businesses where she has provided strategy, technical expertise and large-scale implementation in a wide range of sectors, including energy, infrastructure, environment, health, and social policy. She is known for building high-performing senior executive teams and leading top professionals to peak performance. At WYG, she is Managing Director of Consultancy Services and oversees more than 1,000 employees.

Before joining WYG, JC led two of the five major groups of ICF (NASDAQ: ICFI), a $1.1 billion, Washington DC-headquartered consultancy. JC began her career consulting in Energy, eventually becoming the head of ICF's Energy practice. She was one of the founding consultants developing the US Energy Star programme, which saved more than $31 billion annually in electricity bills and reduced GHGs by a cumulative 2.4 billion metric tonnes of carbon equivalent. She received recognition from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for her work contributing to their award of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. JC then made a mid-career change to leading Health and Social Policy consultancy services, growing her business to more than 1,000 professionals working on such diverse programmes as Low-Income Housing and Urban Development, Rural Broadband initiatives, and Demographic & Health Surveys in Africa. In 2012, she moved to London to lead ICF's Europe and Asia business.

An American with a Master's in Economics from Brown University in the US, JC has extensive expertise in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia, with core knowledge of markets, clients, and business regulations.