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+44 (0) 161 874 8706

Jim Seager Director - Infrastructure & Built Environment

Jim has over twenty five years experience in the construction industry. During that time he has worked on a variety of, public and private sector, projects including commercial, retail, industrial, rail, leisure, healthcare and education schemes.

He has considerable experience in designing structures and infrastructure works and an advanced understanding of the application of materials to suit the construction form, providing safe and commercially viable solutions. Since joining WYG in 1988, Jim has provided technical consultancy services and project management to a broad range of clients.

He now oversees a team of structural engineers and technicians and is especially focused on providing a quality service by promoting technical excellence, innovative solutions and encouraging a proactive approach that challenges and adds value to the design process. With extensive design and build experience acquired from working with a number of contractors, Jim now promotes practicable design solutions across the office and builds on this within other procurement forms such as PFI, Procure 21 and other contractor lead commissions.