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+44 (0)161 872 3223

Johnathan Munkley Digital Director

Johnathan specialises in the use, development and implementation of Building Information Modelling technology (BIM) process and culture and is responsible for the deployment of a group wide BIM implementation framework. He provides strategic and technical support to the company in the development and implementation of building in BIM processes on live projects. Johnathan is involved with various BIM research initiates driving cost and process efficiency throughout all levels of WYG. He is also a member of various BIM government task groups contributing to BIM adoption, standards and best practice throughout all sectors of the construction industry. His areas of specialism are:

  • BIM authoring Tools, Revit, Archicad, Building Design Suite
  • BIM process and technology
  • Open BIM standards
  • BIM implementation at various business levels
  • Utilisation of common data environments
  • Data and Reality Capture