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Keith Cook Executive Director and Group Head of Business Development

Keith Cook is WYG’s Group Head of Business Development, responsible for leading all work-winning activities for the Group.  Keith has a highly successful track record of winning work for WYG in both technical (including engineering) and socio-economic sectors.  Of particular note was Keith’s achievement in winning the Western Balkans Infrastructure Facility (WBIF) series of programmes developing bankable projects in the environment, transport, energy and social infrastructure sectors – the technical assistance alone has been worth €120 million, with a pipeline of infrastructure projects totalling €13 billion.  Keith was also instrumental in securing WYG’s place on the Climate Resilience Infrastructure Development Facility in Southern Africa, a €32 million programme which marked WYG’s inroad into the DFID market.

A key factor in WYG’s development strategy has been the building of our own local capacity by investing in the countries where we work, through the creation of wholly owned subsidiaries and establishment of representative offices.  Keith was key to the implementation of this strategy in the Western Balkans which has resulted in the establishment of the now stand-alone WYG Savjetovanje entity in Croatia, and country offices in every Western Balkans country.  Keith was charged by the WYG Board to develop our business in Africa and has succeeded in securing work in more than 30 African countries, and establishing an entity based in Nairobi – WYG Kenya.

When it comes to growing the business through acquisition, Keith was responsible for the establishment of the flourishing Monitoring and Evaluation Unit within the WYG International Development Business through acquisition and subsequent operational integration of the new staff into the WYG business.  The M&E Unit has since grown, with a doubling in staff numbers and a total value of projects implemented of over £10m.

Keith is supported in his role by the Business Development community working across the WYG Group and works in close liaison with the Business Unit Leaders, Clive Anderson, Jeanne Townend and Jesper Damgaard.