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Lee Morris Director - Urban and Landscape Design

Lee is a Chartered Landscape Architect (CMLI) and director in our Cardiff office with 17 years' experience across a diverse range of landscape planning and design commissions.  He leads a team of landscape architects, architects and urban designers based in Wales and the South West. 

His project experience encompasses large-scale residential projects, strategic urban extensions, infrastructure, care schemes, renewable energy, minerals and highways projects.  He has extensive experience in Landscape and Visual Impacts Assessment (LVIA) and, as an associated member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (AIEMA), he also co-ordinates Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). 

His key projects include:

  • landscape masterplan and LVIA for Boorley Green Strategic Development Area and other strategic urban extensions across the South Coast and the South West
  • LVIA for wind energy developments
  • detailed design and implementation contract administrator for environmental improvement,  regeneration and public realm projects
  • LVIA and environmental coordination for large-scale solar farms across the UK with output totalling over 100MWp
  • landscape advisor through stakeholder consultation and hands on planning processes
  • specialist landscape design for extra care and dementia care schemes
  • landscape advisor to minerals clients from project inception, through the planning stage and the preparation of the restoration strategy

Lee has specific expertise in developing open space strategies which creatively incorporate environmental mitigation/enhancement measures and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).