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Mary O'Connor Associate Director - Urban Landscape & Design

Mary O’Connor CMLI is an Associate Director who has been engaged in formal LVIA since the mid-1990s. She was a member of the LI Advisory Panel that guided the production of the 3rd edition of the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment having previously been a member of the working group that produced the 2nd edition. After their publication in 2013, she delivered a series of master classes with Professor Carys Swanwick on the 3rd Edition of the guidelines, for the Landscape Institute.

Mary has carried out LVIA for a variety of developments including residential, commercial, industrial, minerals, wind farms, gas fired electricity generation, transmission infrastructure and highways. She understands that, while the principles of LVIA are constant, each form of development poses its own challenges. She has given evidence to many public inquiries on landscape and visual matters and, through her extensive experience, has come to regard precision in the approach to assessment and use of terminology as of fundamental importance.