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+40 (0) 31 730 9433

Petru Fumărel Logistic Manager

Petru is Logistic Manager in Romania with 21 years’ experience in Business Development, Project Implementation and Business Management.

With a degree in Psychology and Sociology and background in Project Management Petru has 15 years’ experience in Phare, Sapard and EU funded projects. As a project management expert he currently oversees the day-to-day management of WYG in Romania.

His recent projects include:

  • training for staff involved in the management of structural and cohesion funds, Romania
  • technical assistance for developing and implementing development programs dedicated to local communities
  • the organisation of seminars and workshops on the progress of the RDP
  • Organisation (logistics) for the professional training on “Social Communication and Mediation” Project
  • organising workshops for staff of the General Directorate of Rural Development Managing Authority and National Rural Development Programme (GDRD AM-NRDP) and county level assigned to the NRDP in order to improve business