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Simon Sjenitzer BD Director - Surveying & Asset Management

Simon is a Low Carbon Consultant with 25 years’ experience and with a background in Energy policy work since 2007.  He has worked directly with development teams in the deployment of low carbon and renewable energy schemes including nuclear new build, wind, wave, biomass, solar, hydro and heat pumps.  With his background in economic development, he also specialises in scheme finance and grant provision advice and has a keen interest working with innovation, research and development from concept to commercialisation.

Simon is a member of the Dept of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) advisory panel for Community Energy strategy.

He works across all WYG disciplines to promote and develop services and business offerings that enhance client performance, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.  This work helps address the energy trilemma of energy security, affordability and carbon reduction.

His areas of interest and expertise include: