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Victoria Hutchin Associate Waste and Resource Management Consultant

Victoria is a Chartered Waste Manager and Chartered Environmentalist with over 12 years' experience in waste management and was just named as one of the top three winners of the 35 Under 35 Awards, which identifies the 'young guns' in the waste and recycling industry.

Victoria has provided technical support and advice during procurement processes for numerous local authorities' waste services, including SQ and tender evaluation, and document preparation for the Open, Restricted, Competitive Procedure with Negotiation and Competitive Dialogue procedures. She has also bid for materials processing and envrionmental services contracts, while working for a contractor, and through support to the private sector. Victoria's range of experience includes the following:

  • pre-procurement service reviews and value-for-money assessments
  • options modelling
  • soft market testing
  • design and delivery of officer and member engagement
  • advice on contract packaging (e.g. Lots) and procurement strategy
  • preparation of tender documents including specifications, payment and performance mechanisms, method statement requirements and evaluation criteria
  • evaluation of tender submissions

Her experience to date covers a wide range of environmental services, including materials processing, refuse and recycling collections, recycling treatment and waste disposal, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, caretaking, and housing maintenance.