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Cara Buchan Associate, Architecture

Cara has twelve years of architectural experience obtained in public and private practice throughout the UK and overseas.

She specializes in construction projects subject to multiple complex manmade and natural hazards, striving to ensure building users and beneficiaries can work and live safely in otherwise dangerous environments.

Cara combines technical, creative and interpersonal skills to navigate multifaceted environments and to work with others to develop solutions to complex scenarios. She has translated her experience and skills gained on UK projects to international projects; adapting to national and international building codes and delivering international best practice standards across the defence, energy and humanitarian sectors.

Cara has received a number of accolades and written for some key publications as a result of her work including:

  • British Expertise International Young Consultant of the Year 2018;
  • British Expertise International Charity Project of the Year 2017, Nepal Post-Earthquake Reconstruction;
  • Association of Project Management Social Project of the Year 2017, Nepal Post-Earthquake Reconstruction.
  • ‘What is construction’s role in post-disaster recovery of developing countries?’ Building, March 2018;
  • ‘The role of construction experts in post-disaster reconstruction.’ Kathmandu Post, February 2018.