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Gabriel Davis Associate, Transport

Gabriel leads the transport modelling team for the midlands.  He is a Chartered Mathematician and Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Gabriel has wide experience with transport modelling, including multi-modal, variable demand modelling and micro-simulation modelling.   He has a particular interest in modelling complex and difficult situations involving sophisticated methods of control and novel behaviour requirements.

Gabriel has undertaken a wide range of economic appraisals including highway, public transport, rail and active-model appraisal and has extensive experience with the preparation and review of Business Cases. He has been involved in the preparation of Business Cases to a range of funding bodies including the DfT, under different funding packages.  Gabriel has been heavily involved as independent auditor for LEP local transport boards.

Some of the schemes Gabriel has worked on include:

  • A453 Widening Scheme A major highway scheme in Nottinghamshire dualing the A453 from the M1 J24 to Nottingham;
  • Wirral Waters A £6 billion regeneration project in Birkenhead;
  • Bicester A bespoke variable demand model of Bicester to test transport options for the large-scale new development proposed for the town;
  • Hinkley Point C Design of a novel Gravity Model for distributing construction and staff trips for the proposed new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.
  • Haymarket Bus Station VISSIM model of the now built DIRO bus station in the centre of Leicester.  Model featured reversing buses and a dynamic control-layer extending normal VISSIM functionality to enable accurate modelling of the complex interactions of buses manoeuvring within the station;
  • Guildford Business cases for a new railway station and strategic movement corridors in Guildford;
  • Armenia Modelling of a new public transport network in the capital city Yerevan.  The modelling included the existing situation with the use of Mars