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Gareth Wakenshaw Principal Transport Planner

Gareth has over 12 years’ experience in travel planning enabling him to provide first-rate input into development proposals requiring innovative transport solutions. He is well placed to advise clients and other professionals on a one to one basis or as part of a multi-disciplinary team. 

Gareth’s experience includes the detailed assessment of highway and junction arrangements, using software programs LINSIG 3, JUNCTIONS 9, Vehicle tracking, PARAMICS DISCOVERY and TRANSYT 15 for the assessment of existing and, for the design of improvement schemes to both local and national guidelines. 

Gareth has worked on many transport and highway matters, including transport assessments and transport statements, preparation of travel plans and accessibility studies, and highway modelling. 

Some key projects Gareth has worked on include:

  • Kenton Bank Foot, Newcastle, Taylor Wimpey 850 homes
  • Callerton, Newcastle, 3,000 homes
  • National Horizon Centre, Teeside University, Darlington
  • Ryton, 550 Homes for Taylor Wimpey & Bellway Homes