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Kam Saini Associate Director, Planning

As an Associate Director, Kam provides support on a wide range of planning issues and projects and is responsible for the planning delivery on a wide range of projects which include employment; commercial; residential; mixed use developments acting on behalf of a variety of development companies; land owners; local authorities; and, other agencies.

Projects include:

  • Markham Vale Employment Growth Zone - the provision of ongoing planning advice, preparation and submission of planning applications to bring forward the development of the Markham Vale Employment Growth Zone (MEGZ).
  • St Martins Place, Birmingham –planning advice and project management of the preparation of a planning application for a 17 storey residential building with ground floor retails units, known as St Martins Place at Five Ways Birmingham
  • Employment Development, Pineham Northampton – planning advice and project management of the preparation of a planning application to support Prologis Park Pineham, Northampton, and successfully obtained full planning permission for circa 100,000 sq.ft of Class B8 employment development.
  • Acre Mills, Huddersfield – project management and preparation of a Planning and Listed Building Consent application, which successfully obtained consent  for the conservation of a former Mill building, providing a modern environment for Outpatients services for the Huddersfield Royal Infirmly.
  • Stanton Proposed urban extension, Stanton, Derbyshire – a sustainable urban extension of some 180ha of land, identified in the Erewash Borough Council Core Strategy for development including 40ha of Business Park (B1, B2 and B8), some 2,000 dwellings, a local centre including major new food store anchor and community infrastructure.