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Susan Parker Associate, Landscape Architecture

Susan is a chartered landscape architect, specialising in planning and development projects, with detailed experience in landscape planning and design for major infrastructure and mixed-use development.  Susan often works in multidisciplinary project design teams undertaking landscape and visual studies and assessments to inform masterplan development, along with providing landscape masterplan and strategies, and undertaking detailed landscape design. Her expertise lies in;

  • Restoration and reclamation schemes and design in a rural setting;
  • Landscape and visual survey and impact assessment for Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Nature conservation design, ecological mitigation including wetland habitats;
    • minerals and waste development and restoration, with many years of experience working on minerals and waste related projects
    • landscape design informed by local landscape character and distinctiveness, and visual amenity benefits.

Recently Susan has been involved in:

  • Upton Lodge Sustainable Urban Extension, Northampton - providing the green infrastructure and open space strategy, and landscape and visual impact assessment for the mixed-use development
  • Downend Aggregate and Restoration Ltd, Downend Chalk Pit, Isle of Wight: providing the restoration design for the former Downend Chalk Pit on the Isle of Wight, situated within the Isle of Wight AONB.
  • Strawberry How Blue Corridor, Story Homes, Cockermouth: undertaking the design of river restoration and floodplain improvement works alongside WYG’s water engineering specialists on the Tom Rudd Beck blue corridor as part of an approved quality housing development by Story Homes at Strawberry How, Cockermouth.